Cam Beare, Alex Stapleton, Anthony MacNeil, Michelynne Gomez (Chair)
Ex officio members (Leadership Team): Fr. Tim Devine, Fr. Yves Marchildon, Kate Pinto, Simon Gomez, Colleen Owen, Gerald Felix

Frequency of Meetings:

Quarterly (on Saturday from 9am-1pm)

By investigating with a broad vision and pastoral planning, the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) supports the mission by giving leadership informed recommendations on how to meet the parish needs. The council normally does not implement the recommendations; they are given to the pastor, Fr. Tim Devine, and his leadership team to make decisions around their implementation.

Some of the work of the PPC includes: constructing and revising a five-year plan for the parish under the areas of community, evangelization, worship, ministry and discipleship. This includes reflecting on current practices and prioritizing areas of focus for the parish to move forward. PPC also collects and analyzes data on our community and parish and continually studies best practices from other churches and leaders in order to make informed recommendations to the leadership team at all times keeping in mind the vision for our parish.