Our Baptismal Identity

We want to be renewed in our baptismal identity as children of God; as beloved sons and daughters of God.

We come to the living waters of the Spirit daily. The Holy Spirit dwells within us and we want to tap into that, the grace of our baptism. We find our hope and security amidst the loss and insecurities of life. Jesus didn’t need to be baptized by John, He is the Saviour, but He went through his baptism to stand in solidarity with humanity.

Jesus is not distant from us or removed from us. He came in a way so that we could relate to Him, so that we could approach Him for mercy and love. God speaks the words, “You are my son the beloved, with you I am well pleased.” This affirmation is of Jesus’ identity. This comes before He even accomplishes any ministry. We are loved by God for who we are and not for what we accomplish. Of course, we want to be the best we can be in life, but we should not seek our identity in this. We find our identity in our baptism as beloved sons and daughters of the father.