Lesson’s from Mary

I can assume something has been changing every 24 hours in your life. I wonder what has been difficult for each of you in your own lives. Whatever you’re grappling with, it is a new normal for you and it often isn’t easy. My suggestion is to check in with Our Lady, Mary, who dealt with a lot of difficult situations in her life. Today is the day where things began to change forever for our good. Can you imagine the radical change that happened for Mary? She faced great and radical life change and after one clarifying question, says yes! Be it done unto me according to your word Lord.

1. The first thing we can learn from Mary is her unconditional and great surrender to God.

2. The second lesson we learn from Mary today is that God will move us through suffering. He will be with us through suffering if we are willing to unite our suffering to the cross of Christ to give it over to the Lord so He can make use of it.

3. A third thing that Mary teaches us is to see the good things that God is doing and rejoice in them. “My soul magnifies the Lord. My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour” There are so many things Mary teaches us. I picked three, but I could have picked three hundred. During this time, we need to let God pour his grace and mercy upon our suffering and we need Mary’s help to endure them. Mary said yes and it transformed absolutely everything. Our little yes’s united with Mary’s and Jesus can transform the world in our time.