Jesus the Beloved

Jesus is the Savior and the Beloved and God wants us to know Jesus personally. Jesus identifies with us. Jesus had no need of baptism, but he humbles himself to receive this baptism from John so that we can identify with Him. He makes himself relatable and approachable so that we will draw close to Him. That what He desires. We hear the heavens opened. Jesus is revealed as a member of the Trinity and God’s voice makes Him known as the Beloved Son. Publicly making Him known so that people will be drawn to Him. In our baptism we were immersed into the life of God. Baptism is an encounter with the Holy Trinity. This grace of encounter with God is an entering into a relationship as His beloved sons and daughters. God wants the graces of our baptism to unfold in our lives. He wants those graces to be renewed and appropriated day by day. God desires for us to know Jesus as our beloved, to love Him as the Father loves Him. When we encounter Jesus as our beloved, it compels us to make Him known to others and the Alpha course is a great way to share Jesus with those who don’t know Jesus. The Good News is for everyone.

What kind of love would not feel the need to speak of the Beloved to point Him out, to make Him known. – Pope Francis