How can we be SALT for our guests this Christmas?

The third Sunday is all about Joy, a waiting Joy! It is easier to be joyful if there is something good that we are anticipating. We can even push through some tough things anticipating the good things to come. Like the people in the readings today; Israel has found itself in a state of waiting, enduring many things. When is our Messiah coming? Can you joyfully await your savior? Jesus speaks, yes! Now is the time. I have come to you. Enter into the joy of the Lord! There are three comings of Jesus. Jesus coming at Christmas time, taking on flesh as a baby, the second is Jesus coming at the end of time and the third coming is the coming into our lives first at baptism and every other day as well. Jesus says I have come for you that you may have joy and have it in abundance. Receive my joy. The joy that we receive is not meant to be put under a basket so the joy in each one of your hearts is meant to be shared. How can we do that for our guests who are coming into our midst this Christmas. Especially at our Christmas masses. How can we be SALT for our guest this Christmas, to make things more savoury for our guests?

S – Smile! Simple but impactful. I recall a priest, when I was growing up, who used to say if you have the Joy of the Lord in your heart, please let that inform your face.

A – Anticipate the needs of others, go out of our way to help them. It’s all about hospitality.

L – Love, people may feel a little out of place, but the Lord meets people where they are at so we are called to do the same and journey along with them

T – Talk to them. Engage them in conversation, simple reach out, say Merry Christmas, how are you?

Let’s be extra intentional about these things over this Christmas season and pass along the Joy of the Lord in our hearts.