Arc of the Covenant

Our new preaching series for Lent is the “Arc of the Covenant”. The Arc reminds us of the “Ark” of the Covenant, the physical ark, but also it reminds us of the arc of a story.

During our Lenten series we will follow the storyline or arc of this covenant right from Adam and Eve, through Noah, and eventually to the climax of the new covenant with Jesus.

How can we hear the Good News of this new and eternal covenant in a fresh way this Lent?

Holy Spirit enlighten my mind to understand this covenant more deeply. The rainbow is only a sign of the covenant. It points to something greater than itself. It indicates God is re-establishing the covenant between God and His creation. A relationship we cannot live without as Christians. Only God can establish the covenant, that extends all the way down to us. We must respond to His covenant, and appreciate how amazing God’s covenant is, and give our “I do” to Him in return. God, I want to give myself completely to you because a relationship with You is something I can’t live without!