Teams & Staff

Teams & Staff

Staffing Updates

As we’ve been sharing (in homilies, and on this website) regarding the New Parishes, Stronger Together archdiocesan initiative, in order to better care for our people in a large parish, we need to provide staffing for Growth Groups, allowing us to build a “community of communities”, as per Pope Francis. Growth Groups are intentional and authentic small Christian communities where people are known, loved and cared for and faith is nurtured.

We’re thrilled to announce that Kate Pinto has agreed to lead this new parish initiative (more to come on this in the weeks and months ahead). We congratulate Kate for taking on the new role of Grow Together Coordinator in addition to her role as the Serve Coordinator (formerly Coordinator of Ministries). This created a need to fill the role that she is moving on from, Encounter Coordinator.

The Leadership Team and Finance Council, in consultation with the Archdiocese, gave approval of the budget for this new part-time position. This position will initially be funded by a portion of the proceeds of the sale of the Beaver Bank Road and Springfield Avenue properties, as agreed upon with the Archdiocese as part of our restructuring process.

This position has now been filled! We’re thrilled to welcome Tammy McDonald to the staff team in an official capacity. Meet Tammy (if you haven’t already!) when she takes a few minutes to introduce herself at all the masses on the weekend of September 11/12.

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