Your Mission if You Choose to Accept It

Have I deliberately chosen to accept my mission? Jesus begins his mission filled with the Holy Spirit. In baptism we become children of God, brothers and sisters of Jesus. It is through our baptism that we share in Jesus’ mission. We cannot fully live our baptismal call if we do not share in Jesus’ mission. In other words, to fully live out our baptismal call we need to choose to do our part in Jesus’ mission.

Jesus does all His ministry perfectly. So because we share in his mission we need to do our ministry perfectly right?, NO! God does not expect us to carry out our ministry perfectly, but he does expect us to carry it out to the best of our abilities. The Lord wants us to know the grace of living our baptismal call, He wants us to know the joy of serving Him, to experience the delight and the joy of seeing others come to know Him, and the joy of partnering with Him and being empowered by the Holy Spirit to accomplish His mission, and the Lord wants us to do it together, as His body. Only together are we the body of Christ.