Which Fork Should I Use?

Today Jesus finds himself at an awkward dinner party. We all find ourselves in life in situations where we don’t now what the expectations are, from the time we are little to the present day. There are rules of the playground, the classroom, the workplace and even in church. To someone who is not used to coming to our church it looks very strange. As we receive Jesus in the Eucharist and we have that deep spiritual communion so too we have a communion with one another, and this comes with a responsibility to care for one another and love one another and serve one another. Not just us here but our guests or those coming back to church or for the first time.  It’s a call to give of our selves, to be humble. We need to consider the needs of others.

Jesus says very clearly in the bible today, take the last seat so that you may be called higher. We need to be aware of our brothers and sisters in Christ around us and strive in everything possible to put them first. How can I love them better? First and foremost, God wants us to be concerned about those most marginalized, who feel most unwelcomed and have the hardest time fitting in. To have a heart for these people. It starts with us and by saying Lord, help me come out of myself and be aware of those around me. Help me to put that inner Pharisee to death. The little things have a disproportionate impact when we show we care. When we strive to put others first, we build the kingdom of God.