The Holy Trinity: Undivided Unity

On the day we celebrate the Holy Trinity, undivided unity, we have very visible reminders, in racism and murder, of how divided we are as a human race. It’s the opposite of Pentecost, where the Church is sent to the whole world to unite it in Christ. And here we are so divided. Unity seems so elusive. Is it even possible?

I absolutely believe so! With all my heart. Friends, when I am discouraged, when I look at the forces at work in the world and even in the Church and I want to say, ‘to heck with this’, it brings to me my knees; to a place where I know that I have to be radically reliant on God. He needs to make a way, not me. Even if He wants me to cooperate.

We can’t solve racism or murder on our own. We can’t stem the tide of the collapse of the Church in the Western World on our own. We can’t solve any of these things on our own, because they are the result of something we can’t defeat on our own.

Why did the Father send us the Son? To deal with our sins and to deal with sin in general. John 3:16: For God so loved the world that He gave us His only begotten Son. Instead of sin we get the Son. You are part of a movement. It’s a movement that begins in the heart of God. That movement sent the Son to us to redeem us. It’s a movement of love that unites us to God. It’s a movement of unity.