The Holy One of God

Many people through the centuries have come to know Jesus’ teachings but have not come to know Him as the “Holy One of God”.

How did you come to know Jesus as the Holy One of God? How did you go from knowing about Jesus to knowing Jesus? Perhaps, like me, you grew up in a Catholic home and had a supportive and encouraging Catholic culture around you? But in my teen years I had some struggles in my faith, even with my great Catholic foundation.

Fortunately, I went on a weekend retreat and I was able to talk about faith, share my struggles and we were able to encourage one another to keep living our faith. This getting together and encouraging one another is part of God’s plan. Without that encouragement and sharing our faith, chances are, our faith wouldn’t grow, especially without the support of Catholic culture. We need to be intentional to talk and share about our faith. Alpha is a great place to do this.