“So who’s in your bubble?”

That’s the exciting news these days, that we can have a bubble! The provincial government here has eased some restrictions lately, and one of them allows a household to form a bubble with another household in a mutually exclusive kind of way. This very exciting for us here in Nova Scotia as it lets us see select friends or family in a closer way for the first time in a long time. So, what do these bubbles have to do with our readings today? In the Gospel today we hear Jesus’ marching orders. “Go out to all the world and make disciples.” As a Church we don’t exist for ourselves. Disciples, you have work to do. I have established my Church, and I want it to go out to the ends of the earth. I don’t want anyone to be excluded. It’s like Jesus is saying, I want to be in a bubble with everyone. I want everyone to be in my bubble. I am commissioning you to go to out and share the good news. On our own, left to our own devices, this is just too much for us. The only possible way for us to do what Jesus is asking is through, with, and in the Holy Spirit! As a Church and as a parish, we have to keep letting the Lord remind us that we are part of something greater than ourselves, something that God Himself started. And that God is continuing to do. And that we get to play a part in. And that others that come after us will take up once we are gone. The Church explosively alive in the Holy Spirit. The Church strengthened in community. The Church transforming the world for Jesus. It always was, is, and will be doing that. But our part in this matters. Will we allow the Holy Spirit to use us to realize that vision in a greater way in our part of the world, right now? Holy Spirit, you are welcome here! You are welcome in this place. In this parish. In my life. I want to cooperate with you. I want you to lead me and guide me even when I do not know the way.