Living the Commandments

Jesus makes it clear that He came not to abolish the law and the prophets but to fulfill. Jesus is speaking about the ten commandments and the entire moral law given to us by God through Moses. He ensures us these will endure because he fulfills them through his life death and resurrection and teachings. These commandments will never become outdated. Jesus gives illustrations to show us what he is talking about in examples of murder, adultery etc. He contrasts what was taught with His new teaching. You may have noticed he uses the words “you have heard that it was said,…..but I say to you” The audience would have noticed that Jesus is speaking with the same authority God spoke when he gave the law to Moses Living the commandments of God is a matter of the heart. As an examine of conscience we can ask ourselves, does my heart truly believe that living the commandments is the best way to my happiness? Do I really trust that God loves me and desires the best for me and that living his commandments leads me towards peace and joy and makes this world a better place? This is different than looking at the commandments as a list of dos and don’ts. Living the commandments is more than external behavior, it involves a deeper level of attitudes and motives and thoughts. It is at this level that God is present in us, in the stirring in our hearts and minds. It is at this level we can know is presence and guidance in our lives. Where is my heart at with living the commandments?