How Can they believe in Him whom they Have Not Heard?

Fr. Ben encourages us to share Jesus with others by inviting them to Alpha.

Here are 5 tips when inviting someone to Alpha:

  1. Stop Before You Start  Pause and pray. Ask God who you should invite.
  2. Customize the Conversation  In the Bible, Jesus interacted with different people differently. There was no “one-size fits all” conversation.
  3. Be Specific and Direct  We often invite people to something without them really knowing it’s an invitation. Consider how many times plans have been made to “hang out sometime” with someone, and it’s never happened. Asking a yes or no question will get a yes or no answer. Provide specific details so they can make an informed decision. 
  4. If I… Would You…? When it comes to inviting, simplicity is best. Rather than having a long, complex conversation that ends in a suggestion, try a series of direct interactions that are clear and concise … “If I sent you the trailer for Alpha, would you watch it and share your thoughts with me?”“If I shared a Zoom link for Alpha on Friday night at 7pm, would you join me?” 
  5. Don’t Get Discouraged  A ‘no’ is not necessarily the end of the opportunity. People may say no for a number of reasons, and most of them will have nothing to do with you as a person! Accept the ‘no’ with grace and revisit step 2… maybe there is a different way to approach the individual. Maintaining the relationship is key, so demonstrate that you care more about them than getting a yes from them.  If you get a “no,” don’t be afraid to ask, “Why?”