Holy Trinity Parish Keeping Faith Alive!

Big news today: The decree has been signed by the Archbishop. We are Holy Trinity Parish. (Effective Jan 1 2020)

We are:

  • Explosively alive in the Holy Spirit.
  • Strengthened in Community.
  • Transforming the world for Jesus.

How can we most effectively reach the world with the Gospel message today? There may be a shortage of resources but the Lord says there is no need for a shortage in faith; not faith in a particular outcome, what I want or you want, but faith is God’s broader vision. Faith is a gift from God but it’s something we participate in. It’s a partnership with God almighty. It requires our action. So we have to have the perspective of God in front of us. Who He is and what He is about. Everyday I want cooperate closer with God. I want to receive the gift of faith and act on that gift to help realize that future right now like so many of you do too.