We have so much to be grateful for in our lives. Gratitude is always a good thing. A good practice is to write down what we are thankful for, not just on Thanksgiving but everyday. Gratitude expands our hearts in generosity and love. God is the source of all good things, so we want to combine our gratitude and our faith. GF, not gluten free but Grateful Faith! Like we saw in the Gospel, the one who came back, he is our model. The others missed out on responding to Jesus in gratitude and faith. What distinguishes this one from the other nine. They all had hope in Jesus healing, and I imagine all ten were grateful to the Lord for healing them, but the one who turned back, oriented everything he had back to Jesus praising God with a loud voice. Grateful Faith expresses itself in gratitude and praising God. We want to grow in our praise of God. When this one leper came near Jesus, he prostrated himself in front of Jesus. He was acknowledging who Jesus was as his Lord and Savior. In Grateful Faith we want to orient ourselves in right relationship with Jesus and express ourselves in that posture of worship like he did. We want to grow in Grateful Faith individually but also as a Parish. As we become a single parish, we are united and have been given the mission to make disciples in our boundary. We need to be united in a common vision in what God can do for our parish, Explosively alive in the Holy spirit! Our mission and vision needs to be rooted in Grateful Faith, acknowledging God for everything that is good.