Get on the Spiritual Treadmill this Lent

Right away after Jesus is filled with the Holy spirit, He is led into the desert. The Father is calling Jesus to get ready for His mission. God too has to prepare us for our mission. We have been given a great mission and a great task from the Lord to be light in the darkness and to bring Christ into the world. At the end of every mass we are told to go and proclaim the Gospel.

We have a mission rooted in our baptism but what the church is telling us during Lent is we need to get ready for that mission, get strong, so that God can use us powerfully. If we allow the Lord to refine and purify our hearts we can be fruitful for the Lord. After the 40 days in the desert, scripture says, He went out then to minister in the power of the Lord. If Jesus needed 40 days in the desert, we probably need it too. We want to make the most of Lent, do something to help us grow in relationship with the Lord, to get on the spiritual treadmill this Lent.