Facing Challenges

The transfiguration is one of the mysteries that reveals to the three apostles the divinity of Jesus Christ and is reinforced by the voice of God with the words “This is my son, listen to Him.” As they came back down the mountain, it must have been very difficult to keep to themselves something so remarkable and face the days that followed. Like the apostles who faced many challenges upon their decent from the mountain we too face many uncertainties in our lives. During Lent we are studying together as a parish the Popes exhortation, “The Joy of the Gospel”, and this week we reflect on the challenges of the church. Pope Francis says, “You my brothers and sisters are the face of Jesus.” He reiterates that the cry of the poor is loud but to often not heard. He tells us, we are called to be protectors of creation. We can not say that it is not our concern. There can not be apathy, only love. These words from our holy father can help us all reflect on how our experience of God’s love can open our hearts to solidarity with our neighbours and move us to action.

The church is continuously being challenged by the secular world. Pope Francis concludes, “Challenges exist to be overcome, let us be realists but without losing our joy, our boldness, and our hope filled commitment. Let us not allow ourselves to be robbed of our missionary vigor!