Christ is Risen and He calls Your Name

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen as He said! This Easter morning our pews are empty, and our churches are closed. Let’s restore our hope, and place it squarely in the resurrection of Jesus who has conquered death, who has won us the victory and nothing can take that away from us. We want to take stock of all our blessings. It’s easy to stay in the pain and suffering. Jesus wants to pour His resurrected glory into our hearts right now. Can you see the Lord’s blessings in your life right now? We need desperately to stay connected to God, the hope giver. The scriptures remind us that Jesus has conquered death, that suffering doesn’t have the final say and neither does this virus. Let’s allow God to fill us with his grace, his Holy Spirit.

In the Gospel today, Mary had a difficult day, she goes to the tomb and finds Jesus’ body is gone. She is trying to make sense of it all and is weeping. Maybe some of you are in a similar place, saying where is Jesus? Or maybe you’re more like the disciples with her, who were full of hope and wanted to share with others the Good News. Strengthen your brothers and sisters who need you right now, share that with the Mary’s in your life. Mary doesn’t see Jesus, but what changes things for her is when Jesus calls her name. She is filled with grace, love and understanding. Life flows through her again and then she can get up and go as Jesus sends her. If you are a Mary looking for Jesus, keep searching, ask the Lord to send you a gardener, someone to speak truth and love into your life right now. We do not have to be disconnected, without hope. The Lord is calling your name, He is speaking to you. Christ is Risen. Truly He is risen, as He said.