Sermons on Holy Week

Good Friday

Why do we call Good Friday, Good? Today we celebrate the triumphant death and resurrection of Christ. We pause today to reflect on the meaning of the death of Christ and how His wounds bring healing to many. God came down from heaven, born into our world and having a body capable of suffering He took upon him the sins of humanity…

Holy Thursday

None of us knows what life will bring. But we always know in faith that Jesus is present with us always through life and tonight we focus on how he is present to us in the Eucharist. It is the sacrament of Christ’s presence with us. We come with gratitude and are reminded to be self emptied and selfless like Jesus.

Embracing the Cross

We are filled with gratitude when we look at the cross, but it is difficult, as we are also reminded that we have to face our own crosses. We can be present to Jesus and with Him in a particular way when we embrace our own crosses. Jesus invites us as disciples to imitate him and embrace our crosses. How well do…