Sermons by Dcn. Art Mitchell

Love as God Loves

We love with kindness and mercy. We love because everyone deserves to be loved. God’s love embraces saint and sinner alike. He teaches us to see the greatest good of others, even those who persecute us.

God’s Love is For You

Isaiah gives more prophesies about the birth of Jesus than any other. Today we hear a different prophesy; describing God as a nursing mother. We can understand this image and it conveys to us how God loves. You are just a child in God’s arms and he is telling you that He loves you unconditionally.

Good Shepherd Sunday

Our mothers are examples of good shepherds in our lives. They cared for us and fed us and loved us with the great commandment that God gave us to love others as God has loved you. But we have two mothers. Let us entrust our mothers to our heavenly mother Mary, who Jesus gave to us as his last act before he…