Fr. Bryan Sabourin, CC

Fr. Bryan Sabourin, CC

“I am the oldest of three boys. Growing up, I always attended Mass with my family, but it was something we did simply as tradition. As a family, we began to attend St. Mary’s parish, pastored by the Companions of the Cross, my parents having previously had a re-awakening of their faith. A series of conferences and events I participated in led up to a Life in the Spirit seminar wherein my heart was changed and I desired only what God wanted in my life, a response to His love that I had experienced. I gave over to Him the idea that I might be called to the priesthood, as I had previously told Him that I would never be a priest.

When I opened my heart in that way, a peace and joy began to well up inside of me along with a sense that God was indeed calling me to the priesthood. Having a desire for community life, utilizing the gifts of the Holy Spirit in ministry, and working in the New Evangelization, I began to look at the Companions of the Cross, and joined in September of 2005.”

Fr. Bryan was ordained to the priesthood on June 7, 2014.

He joined the team here at Holy Trinity in July, 2016.

CliftonStrengths: Input, Intellection, Developer, Relator, Individualization

Associate Pastor
Fr. Yves Marchildon, CC