We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

Encounter Coordinator

Please scroll down for the position description.

If interested in applying for this part-time position, please send a resume and cover letter to Kate by no later than Friday, August 20th at noon.

Title Encounter Coordinator
Accountability The Encounter Coordinator is directly accountable to the Pastor or his designate.

Summary Holy Trinity Parish exists to make and equip disciples who joyfully go and invite others to Jesus. The Encounter Coordinator will play an important role in the mission and vision of Holy Trinity Parish. Working closely with the Holy Trinity Leadership Team, this person will continue to grow the Alpha program as well as foster other opportunities for parishioners to encounter Christ outside of liturgical contexts. 

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Oversees Alpha promotion and invitation.
    • Ensures information is present and up to date on the website.
    • Ensures information is accessible at the church.
    • Works with Communications Coordinator on promotion and communication.
    • Maintains a planning timeline to ensure the smooth rollout of Alpha and related activities.
    • Works with the preaching team to ensure appropriate references in homilies and around the importance of encountering Christ, and the role of Alpha at Holy Trinity in fostering that encounter.
    • Works with the Grow Together and Serve coordinator to facilitate integration of those finishing Alpha into Growth Groups and/or to discover their gifting and serve in the wider parish.
    • Works with and is available to parishioners to provide information and to help them get involved in Alpha.
    • Helps to develop a “culture of invitation” in the parish, whereby parishioners know how to, and are encouraged to, invite someone to Alpha or other opportunities to hear the Gospel proclaimed.
  • Oversees the Encounter Team.
    • Works with the team to develop strategy around invitation and promotion of Alpha.
    • Discusses and then helps individuals discern next steps including Alpha Team, Growth Groups, and CCO Discovery faith studies.
    • Looks for other opportunities to develop a culture of encounter within the parish, in collaboration with the Holy Trinity Leadership Team and other staff.
    • Keeps key metrics around Alpha participation and next steps, and communicates these metrics to the Holy Trinity Leadership Team.
  • Provides training and support for Alpha team members.
    • Networks with Alpha Canada and parishes and groups running Alpha in a Catholic context.
    • Meets weekly with Alpha team members while Alpha is in session to explain format, and provide training tools and feedback.
    • Meets with Alpha team members on an “as needed” basis to provide ongoing assistance and training.
    • Responsible for the development of the annual Encounter budget, in consultation with the Holy Trinity Finance Council.
  • Provides high level organization of Alpha sessions.
    • Is available and present to team members and participants during the sessions.
    • Ensures that all aspects of the session are taken care of organizationally before, during, and after the actual Alpha sessions.


  • Displays and maintains an active spiritual life rooted in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, committed to personal prayer, and active participation in a church community and has a passion for parish renewal.
  • Demonstrates above average written and oral communication skills with the ability to maintain a high degree of confidentiality and hospitality.
  • Strong organizational and planning skills and the ability to prioritize and work well in a demanding, fast-paced environment.
  • Strong leadership skills – able to lead a team of people towards shared objectives aligned with the mission and vision of Holy Trinity parish.
  • Able to demonstrate high proficiency with technology including: telephone systems; social media; G-suite products; video conferencing technology (Zoom, FaceTime).
  • Team player – has the ability to work within a team and receive feedback and direction.
  • Previous experience in church ministry and leadership is an asset.
  • Has the ability to connect, build and nurture a broad range of relationships.
  • Desires to contribute to, and be part of, a fun-filled, engaging work environment.
  • Has a heart for servant leadership – we lead by serving others.
  • Is a lifelong learner with a healthy curiosity to learn and grow.


Position is for one-year with the possibility of extension.


Employment in and by the Church is substantially different from secular employment. Church employees are held to a different and, many times, higher standard of conduct. Church employees must conduct themselves in a manner which is consistent with, and supportive of, the mission and purpose of the Church.