God Is Close To The Lowly!

Being a shepherd was a very tough job. The hours were brutal, they were out in every harsh weather condition, and they smelled like sheep. The shepherds were considered the lowliest. Yet God sent His angel to them to announce the Good News. You would think that God might send his angel to other kings or royalty, but it was to the lowly shepherds. This is because the Good News is for everyone, it doesn’t exclude anyone. Jesus comes to us in His lowliness as a babe in a manger. When Jesus began his public ministry those who followed Him were also the lowly and became His disciples. It was the lowly who were close to Jesus. That is good news, because compared to God we are lowly, and the Good News is for us. Those who cannot admit their lowliness cannot draw close to God. When we refuse to admit our lowliness, we are exalting ourselves, making ourselves a God. The lowly find it easy to draw close to Jesus. Our desire today at Christmas is to know Jesus is close and want to be close to Him. At Christmas Jesus is the gift to us. He understands us, our lowliness. He is our Savior and He alone can forgive our sins. In gratitude we want to give a gift to Him. The only gift Jesus wants from you and me is the gift of ourselves, being close to Him everyday.