Title                           Part Time Bookkeeper (approx. 20 hours/week)

Accountability         The Bookkeeper is directly accountable to the Pastor or designate

Summary                  Operating with a high degree of confidentiality, the Bookkeeper is responsible for the overall financial functions with the Pastoral Unit ensuring consistency with the mission, vision, and goals.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Prepares and maintains all financial statements for the Pastoral Unit including weekly, quarterly, and annual donations and statements using Parish Friendly software.
  2. Maintains accounting ledgers by verifying and posting transactions.
  3. Monitors all ministry budgets and prepares financial reports as required by Pastor and ministry leaders.
  4. Prepares weekly deposits and inputs of collections.
  5. Preparation of quarterly tax refunds (HST) and other info require by CRA.
  6. Preparation of annual reports as requested by the Archdiocese of Halifax – Yarmouth. (shared responsibility with Finance Chair)
  7. Manages and verifies staff expenses reports.
  8. Monitors accounts payable using Quickbooks software; weekly input of collections and deposits, prepares payable cheques as required, and payouts to external organizations.
  9. Maintains accounting ledgers by verifying and posting account transactions.
  10. Assists Finance Committee in the preparation of Annual Budgets by providing necessary data.
  11. Supports Pastoral Unit by packaging financial information to support decision making.
  12. Liaisons with Stewardship Director to analyze trends in stewardship and presents information for long term planning of the Pastoral Unit.
  13. Setting up and managing pre-authorized debits through a Financial Institution
  14. Prepares and records Payroll for the staff. Prepare Monthly Employee Remittance to CRA/T4’s/ and T4A’s.
  15. Meets regularly with the Chair of the Finance Council to share ideas, provide insights, receive feedback, set goals, and receive direction and attends quarterly council meetings.
  16. Orders and maintains Church Envelopes for Parishioners.
  17. Calculates pension, health benefits for Priests and Lay Staff.
  18. Attends Leadership Summits and other appropriate parish events and training sessions.
  19. When needed, provides back up to the receptionist in covering off the front office needs including for vacations and sick time.


  • Passionate for parish renewal, participates actively in worship, and is committed to their own relationship with Christ.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in an accounting/bookkeeping role.
  • Demonstrated above average written and oral communication skills with the ability to maintain a high degree of confidentially.
  • Strong organizational and planning skills and the ability to prioritize and work well in a multi task environment and as part of a team.
  • High regard for quality and attention to detail.
  • Able to demonstrate proficiency in Quickbooks, MSOffice, and Outlook.
  • Creative in solving problems
  • Skills and prior experience in preparing and managing budgets and payroll.
  • Professional, friendly and supportive personality with excellent communication skills with both internal and external contacts.

Position Relationships

The Bookkeeper has considerable scope for innovation and creativity in all aspects of the job, within the context of Holy Trinity Pastoral Unit and Archdiocesan objectives. He/she has considerable contact with Parishioners, visitors to the Pastoral Unit, local residents, visiting priests, volunteers and ministers, and individuals from the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center.


Employment in and by the Church is substantially different from secular employment. Church employees are held to a different and, many times, higher standard of conduct. Church employees must conduct themselves in a manner which is consistent with, and supportive of, the mission and purpose of the Church.

If you bring these types of skills, experience and qualifications and are interested in working in a busy, faith filled environment please send your resume, along with a cover letter and 2 professional references to:

NOTE: This opportunity will remain open until a successful candidate is selected. The successful candidate will be asked to provide a Criminal Records Check and Vulnerable Sector Search and proof of education. All applications will be acknowledged.

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